Busy Busy Me ...


Hi everyone !

Hope you ad a good day .
I have been extremely busy these last few days breaking my promise of blogging as often as possible.
I haven't even had the time to post any more outfits ! Shame on me !

Been busy but happy expect with life at Uni. I cannot wait to graduate. I am sure that every student felt the same way at some point. Can' wait to get on with real life !

But while I haven't been blogging I have been reading fashion related articles, searching for new interesting blogs to add to my blogrolls!
 If you have any you would like to share, fire away !

As if I hadn't enough one my plate I am starting my 3rd week at Central Saint martins where I attend the Fashion Styling week end course. I JUST LOVE IT !!!

It is getting more technical and hands- on now and next week is the "mannequin" challenge where we'll start the proper styling work so expect some interesting  pictures !
despite having done a bit of styling before it's amazing how much you learn about how the industry works in London.
The tutors and the other student are very friendly and you don't even feel the strain of the long week you had and the apprehension of the new one ahead.
Tiresome but very worth it !
I am already saving for another short courses to refresh my designing skills. Now Dressmaking or Shoe Design ? I'm still undecided ...

I'm also in the process of looking for an intership . After finishing the daunting CV  and cover letter writing task I was mistaken thinking that the rest will be easier.... far from it.
After attending  one of David Royston-Lee talks at university I came with the grim realisation that I had them both wrong and had to start again !

His book "How to Win from the Start" is also quite good to learn to know and market yourself !
 I did that and I would like to think that it will eventually pay off. We shall see...

But hopefully I have got few interviews lined up this week so wish me luck. ( Thanks !)

Here's some the links of the websites I use.

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