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I really love Republic of Foreigners. Came across the brand last year but didn't really take too much notice of their amazing designs until recently.
I really need to get one of their printed and exciting garments ASAP!
the Nigerian-based designer label was founded in 2010 by two sisters to reflect and capture the essence of bohemian chic meets Afro-centric sophistication.

Their autumn winter collection is perfect for the modern wardrobe. The garments have a vintage feel to them but the prints bring real individuality to each pieces.
I love the playfulness of the slitted printed shirt and the timelessness of the brocade  maxi skirt and combined together the outfit is really showing a confident vision of the brand.


Their garments got soul and we can really feel the love that the Sutherland sisters have for film, art, and design.
Their collection really resonate with my own sense of style in the sense that it is creative, playful with an eclectic mix of quirky shapes and vintage finds.

The design team directed by sisters, Carmen and Selina is composed of " free-to-dream" designers, master graphic designers, and innovative creatives.
Their motto is to inform, educate, and enlighten whilst promoting the best in art, food, fashion, music, and travel, visually endorsing  international influences through heir designs and shop concepts.

Concept Store In Lagos

I love their designs as they look beautifully made, confortable and creative.
Some of their collections are available in the UK at
I better start saving my pennies because I need a piece of RoF in my wardrobe !

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