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 I sometimes tend to procrastinate on the most important things. This post is a blatant proof of this regretable trait of mine.

2013 resolution n.574: Do Not Procrastinate !

It really need to change NOW ... or maybe later.
Anyway, better late than never they say.

Back in November last year I met the delightful Viv Oyolu at a "Meet the Entrepreneur" talk organised by the London Met Entrepreneurs of London Metropolitan University.

She is a radio presenter and creator and producer of the Dream Corner show.
The online hub she created is dedicated to listen to the stories and experiences of  women of all ages.
Viv Oyolu enables these inspiring women to share the stories of how they follow their dreams and passion.
The show gives them the perfect platform to showcase their expertise and promote their businesses.

Viv is a very inspiring and passionate woman. She is warm, relaxed and very focused at the time. Really easy to talk to and you really can feel the interest she has in your story.

Her story is also quite inspiring. After working in the financial sector for more than 20 years she realised her lifetime dream to be a radio presenter. Since she was a child she wanted to tell and hear stories.
 Not the most obvious job description to the question: " What would you do when you're older"?.
She explained the difficulty to realise your dreams when they don't make sense to others.
Being also from an African background, I related to the difficulty of her Nigerian mother to give up a high-flying career in banking to sit in a radio studio and interview people !

That's the thing with dreams: sometimes they are not easy to bring to reality. So many people give up on their dreams and the other half don't even acknowledge them
How many of us can say that we have the "dream job" or the "dream life" they wanted since being a child.

I wish I could say that .
I am certainly working on it though. And I will certainly die trying. No regrets. No "I wish" or "If only".

That is also what I love about meeting Viv. The realism and factuality of her speech.
At no point she said it would be easy.
At no point she said that people would understand or help you. Realising your dream can be the most lonely experience you may have.   I was really touched by this experience, even more than I would have expected.
At some point I asked her " What do you do if life prevent you from dreaming?"
She gave the most wise and thoughtful answer to my very desperate question.
 " You can only do with what you have. You can start dreaming small.
Do you research, talk to good friends and most importantly learn to know yourself and what you can do. "

Viv and me

Don't you love the woman !!

 So listen to the advice of my new friend Viv I am learning about myself. I am learning about my dream.
 How much of it can I still realise ?
Instead of thinking about what is preventing you from realising your dream think more positively about what tools are out there to help you.

 Go out, network, exchange, talk, make mistake, share and learn !

If Viv finally realised her lifetime dream of becoming a radio presenter in her late 40's, I still got a bit of time on my hands !

Peace !

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