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Thank you M. Postman

Today is Monday.
It's cold, grey and yes it as also snowing.
Not heavily but you already hear about late trains and disruption.
How should I know. At at home blogging, poking and  tweeting away sipping a warm cup of ginger  and lemon tea.
When I was just getting ready to get into the more serious and daunting task of writing for an incoming presentation when the door bell rang...
A nice smiling man covered in snow handed me a white packet with a magic words at the front:TOPSHOP !

YAY !! My order had finally been delivered. I haven't bought anything in a few weeks which is a record in itself so please understand my excitement.

Here's what I have received.

VECTRA5 Leopard Stud Slippers

Love them already !
Another 2 colors to go ......

TORRES Printed Slip-ons

Cool slip ons trainers. A bargain at £10 !

Embellished Jacket and Shorts by Coco Fortune
 I cannot wait to wear this outfit !! Love the colour and the scalloped shape of the shorts. The pictures dont do this garments justice.... I just need now to find the perfect pair of silver heels !

Printed Wrap Playsuit by Rare

 Loved the abstract prints of that short jumpsuit. Sexy and perfect for minter !

Thanks Topshop another happy customer !

Where to buy them ?
Vectra slippers
Embellished shorts
Embellished Jacket
Printed trainers
Wrap jumpsuit

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  1. very cute leopard flats with studds and the top with the shorts are very cute:-)


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