Trend Watch - Shaggy Fur Coat


As you might know, I LOVE fur coats.

Wasn't too keen on fake fur items until now.
Shops are full of delightful fur coats for this winter and I cannot decide which want I should acquire ! I always knew I had quite expensive taste compared to the depth of my pockets and browsing the internet my choice confirmed it .

My heart melted for a Maison Martin Margiela black fur and leather coat !
And it can be mine for £3,300 only !!

1. MMM; 2.Malene Birger Irlaisa; 3.Topshop; 4.Karl Donoghue; 5.Topshop & Bik Bok; 6. Isabel Marant coats

Looking at my favourite choice you will understand that I couldn't resist this expensive beauty. Leathers, fur and feathers ! What's not to like ?
I opted for a cheaper version but still very pretty shaggy fur coats  from Oasis that I should receive in the next few days so I will keep you updated ! 

These coats are so stylish and versatile and I thought would give it a  rock-chick twist with studs, spikes, tribal prints and a touch of gold !

What do you think ?

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  1. No matter how expensive the fur coat is, I think you deserved to have it. For me, it doesn’t really matter if a person wears cheap or expensive clothing, especially fur coat, as long as it keeps you warm and comfortable. Am I right? BTW, I like the black fur coat that you picked. +Joel Salmon


Thanks for your comment !

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