Feast Your Ears with .... Chrisette Michele - I'm A Star


I absolutely love this girl... She's so sweet isn't she?
Her voice is as sweet as her face and I really feel the song, the lyrics as well as the video.
She is so glamorous in it and the diva look suits her well.

The lyrics also express how must of us girls have felt at some point in our life: beaten down, betrayed, confused or discouraged....
Wear your best heels, red lippy and keep  going ! keep doing whatever you are doing, cos you're a star !

Rain starts pouring and it don't stop
Let myself drown, no, I will not
Smile on my pretty mug
I get right back on my horse and I giddy up
I'm in the sky and I won't drop
Have a piece of my pie, no, you will not
But if you feel like me
And it is what it is and what's it gon' be tonight

Tell 'em baby, I'm a star tonight
I'm up in the sky tonight for the world to see
I ain't thinking 'bout you
Baby, I'ma do me tonight
'Cause baby, I'm a star tonight
I'm up in the sky tonight
So give me one more dream
'Cause I'm shining, shining, shining 

Hummm yeah , I can totally relate to that...

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