On My Radar - White Stilettos


Kim Kardashian in White Stilettos

 I NEED a gorgeous pair of WHITE stilettos in my wardrobe.
Not cream, off-white or beige! But WHITE ! Is it too much to ask ?! It seems so ....
And I also do not mean platform or open toes heels !

 Really frustrating as I have been looking in stores and online for weeks with no luck . Even in bridal shop where you're doomed to end up if you are looking for white shoes.

I am being a bit dramatic I know, but I  had so many outfit plan (especially for Valentine's Day ) and still no white stilettos !!! *sighs*

White heels: Good enough for Marilyn, Good enough for me !

They might be so hard to find cause they're not really considered trendy or in fashion. Nonsense !

They're deemed a thing of the past, some call them " grannies shoes" and other admit that they should have die with the 80's, the tulle skirts and the huge shoulders pads ! Nonsense !

OK... The total look is a bit much .... I know !

I just want gorgeous white stilettos heels that I CAN afford.

Actually my IDEAL pair of of white stiletto are from the genius Manolo Blahnik
White leather, �440, manoloblahnik.com
Manolo Blahnik  £440

Jimmy Choo, the perfect second choice, isn't it ?
Jimmy Choo  £495

Hopefully they still are cheaper option ...
Image 1 of ASOS SONIC Pointed Heels
Asos £32
Image 1 of New Look EC Studline Pointed Ankle Strap Court Shoes
New Look  £24

I am still waiting to fall in love with the perfect pair of white stilettos and got a valentines day outfit to plan ! 

Wish me luck  ;-)

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