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Hi guys ...
I finally found the time to post my next OOTD.
I just realised that it is only during the evening that I tend to plan them. I will try to change . A shoot during the day won't hurt me !

I love how night picture looks like though.
The darkness add a bit of mystery to them ...

For this  OOTD I'm wearing my favourite pair of shorts. Bought them from Peacocks ages ago and wear them all year around !
This time I opted for long socks instead of the usual tights .

Bought this made in Nigeria batik shirt from independent fashion shop Agnes and Lola few weeks ago on sale. It is really comfortable and stylish  and the cut and fabric are better than what you can find at your local high street.

I don't wear turban as often as I should.  I only did this time as my hair needed a serious trim.
I'll try to integrate turban and head-scarves more often in my OOTD. Got so many fabrics and scarves hanging around anyway !

Vintage coat
Agnes and Lola Noni Shirt
Peacocks Fake leather shorts
H&M earrings
Primark socks
Carvela boots

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