Quick OOTD - "I do not want to go home"


Here's another long postponed outfit that I've worn 2 week-ends ago to attend a magazine launch in the Shoreditch area of London.
I didn't know what to expect so tried not to be too overdressed as it often happen to me.
It might be the French girl in me trying to shine out. You always need to look like you've made the effort even if it's a last minute event or a trip to your local shop. In France women have mastered the art of looking effortlessly immaculate.

Coming back to the outfit I have to say that I love this bright yellow brushtroke dress by Asos.
I could have worn it before but it was everywhere you went. You do not want anyone with a matching outfit when you enter a room !
I often tend to buy trendy items and wear them at least six months later, praying that no one has the same idea !!

I like the ethnic/ graphic feel of the dress  It is clingy so do not have a big meal while wearing it unless you want to make sure to get a seat in the underground to rest your growing belly ;-)
Worn with a waterfall cropped blazer on top to limit the damage, several bangles and Primark triangles earrings and I was good to go !
Surprisingly  my Lady Gaga looking boots attracted a lot of attention ! And a lot of question ! 
"Are they comfortable ?" " Aren't you scared to fall over? " How can you walk in these ?"
It was quite amusing ! And I need to add that they are really comfy and easy to walk in. Just put a foot in front of the other !! ( Cheeky me ;-)
I didn't realise how alien they looked until I caught a glimpse of myself walking to catch the last train. And I love them even more for making me stand out ! 
You can get the heel-less from here for less than £20 and they also exist in brown. 

OOTD brushstroke dress

Oasis fur coat
Asos brush-stroke dress
New look waterfall cropped blazer
Primark leather- look studded clutch
Primark triangle earrings
eBay heel-less boots

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