Atiklaman - When Wax meets Lace


Atiklaman means "You are beautiful" in Baoulé , a ethnic group in the east of the Ivory Coast from the Akan group.
Wouldn't you feel beautiful wearing one of these creations ? I am sure I would !

The brand sources fabrics from all over Africa,  Kenya, Tanzania , the Ivory Coast and Congo, to produce beautiful pieces of lingerie.

I love how the sophistication of lace and satin meets the warmth and diversity of wax. Guarantee to rise the temperatures in your bedroom !

The sets are very affordable, only costing around £45.
It also seems that the sizing range could be extended to accommodate bigger sizes. maybe in the future as now the bra ranges between 85B (38B)  and 95C (42C)  according to models and availability.
Let's hope that the range will be extended to larger sizes as all women are indeed beautiful and a lot of them are very well endowed. ( Lucky them ;-))

Apart from that, the collection is absolutely gorgeous as you can see. I really hope that more brands will enable all the wax lovers such as me to look as sexy and mysterious in the bedroom...

To purchase some pieces of the Atiklaman collection, click here.

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