My Birthday Trip : Outfits Ideas


Hello dear friends !
Between my busy Uni schedule, writing dissertation and revising for exams I have very important event to organised: MY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

I MEAN IT !!!!!!

Yes my friends I will be turning 30 in a few days !!

On the 28th of April I won't be able to say " I'm in my mid-twenties" as I have been doing for a couple years ! ;-)

Strangely it does feel good to get to the big 3.0.
I feel wiser, more mature and happier.
I am learning everyday to be grateful for the things I have rather than being depressed for the things I have yet to have.

Beautiful, healthy children , a lovely husband, a loving family, my health, great future professional prospects, great friends and God on my side !

Yes, my glass is half FULL rather than half empty and I'm happy with that !

I won't have a big party with relative and friends as I usually do.
This year I wanted something different and somewhat more focused on myself than running around catering for people !
Two kids birthdays a year and huge family Christmas dinners are more than I can handle !

For some reasons I am looking forward to getting older this year. Actually the reason is because I will be travelling to Benidorm in Spain for 4 nights, courtesy of my lovely hubby !
The begging, crying, nagging and moaning has paid off !!

I haven't been to Spain in over 6 years and my Spanish is more than rusty but who cares ? I need a break, some sun and a change of scenery !

Travelling with Easy Jet and on a very tight budget mean that we won't be splashing on extra kilos for our baggage.
So I have to learn to pack 8 fabulous outfits within a 10 kg only allowance.
I love a challenge !

Here's 3 of the evening outfits I have prepared.
I had planned to wear the black Aqua dress for a long time and I am so looking forward to it.
I also loooove the pink dress paired with gold everything !

Which one do YOU prefer ?

Birthday break outfits


Green pencil dress

Aqua by Aqua Magdalene Asymmetric Pencil Dress 

For the big night out I have planned on my birthday I have ordered the gorgeous Alize red dress from Virgos Lounge.
I am so in love with this online fashion boutique ! I cannot wait to receive it !!

Their vintage inspired dresses, skirts and jumpers are to die for .
So you understand why I couldn't resist and had to order more than one dress.
I am planning in advance with the wedding season coming and my hubby graduation in July.

Their flash sale is still on so don't hesitate and buy everything you find left in your size !

Here are the 3 mains outfits I've styled for playing tourist around Benidorm.
The 3rd one is really ME, with spikes, tribal prints and a more casual feel.
However I've bought these gorgeous bright floral Capri pants a while back and they have to features in these holidays ! The weather have been so bad in London lately that I couldn't get around bright colours. 
I also love the last outfit with the teal slit maxi skirt. I would have paired it with a cropped Aztec print top, if I was 10 years younger ! 
I'll have to come to the realisation that my midriff- showing days are over ! 
I like the touches of colours with the yellow shoes and bright clutch bag.

Birthday break day outfits

Which one do you prefer ?

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  1. wow the Alize dress is gorgeous.I prefer the green dress svelt!
    Hope you have fan in Benidorm and welcome to the 30s

  2. Thanks so much Marianne .
    I will party like I'm 20 ! ;-)
    Cannot wait !


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