My girl crush on Azealia Banks + Holiday outfits update


Hello everyone.
I finally found some time to post something but unfortunately was too busy to  post any pretty outfits. Why ?  You could ask me ! Not because I have spent the last 14 days naked in front of my computer surrounded by towers of books threatening to fall over my overworked person ?! 
I have had to leave the house to run some errands and even started a new internship. (More on that in the next few weeks...)

It is just that I felt the need to blog properly, take better pictures in better locations, so from now on I would share better OOTD with you people.
Blogging is not easy and rather than just giving up and I'd rather make the best of it and challenge myself.
If you do something, do it properly, right ?

Now a quick update regarding my holidays outfits: a total disaster !
The Virgos Lounge I ordered and shared with you in this previous post has finally arrived. 
The dress is a gorgeous bright red, very pretty beading and flattering shape but... 
Mr I-know-nothing-about-fashion  HATES it !
My husband cannot stand to see me in that dress !
Go figure !

What about you , what do you sincerely think ?

No need to tell you how disappointed I am! I have sent it back and still looking for something else...
I know I could have kept it and wear it anyway but as a present fro him this time his opinion counted . 
This boy got no taste !!

I am the only one to blame for this and next time I will be better prepared. I still find consolation on the fact that whatever I will be wearing I will spend my 30th birthday abroad !


In the meantime I wanted to share with you my latest girl crush in the form of american rapper,singer and songwriter Azealia Banks.
She's been on my fashion radar for a while now but I had to take the time to do more research about her and know more about her style and influences.

I like how quirky, crazy and sexy she always looks.
She's not scared to be herself , I like a girl with balls.
I've read that she could also be offensive, aggressive , bitter arrogant and foul-mouthed.
She has been banned from using her own twitter account !
Not the kind of people I usually go for !
She still seem to be  a cool, vibrant person and a party girl. I like that!
For being too upfront people can be misunderstood, but people need to realised that she is still young, barely 22 and has plenty to learn.
I have been obsessed with her song, 212 ft. Lazy Jay for a few days now ! Love it !
the lyrics are sexy, funny, crude and the sound almost hypnotising. I have to listen to that song several times a week !
It hasn't happen to me in a long time !
Of course her extensive use of words like b****, c*** or even n***** have created controversies that I won't address just now.
I just want to enjoy the song ! 

Style wise, I wouldn't agree with all her choices of outfits but she has got a good vibe going on and can pull off the craziest outfits.
She'as bit of a tomboy and at the same time very experimental and in your face but not in a Nicky Minaj-pink hair- green shoes- kind of way !
She is just a pretty girl who wants to have fun . You go girl !!

There 's something about her I like: so vibrant, alive, raw, joyful and dark a the same time.

"No, I'm not a feminist, but at the same time I've kind of gotten over that inferiority towards men that I've grown up with.  I realised the power of being a woman.  Women compete on a completely different level. There's definitely a lot more psychological warfare that goes on between women.  It's not a feminism thing, it's just me realising where I am, what I can get and what I can do to get it."
Azealia Banks for GQ magazine.

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