Afrogenik at the Afro Model Awards 2013 !! ( updated version )


Hello everyone !!

I am quite excited today despite the stress of writing my last dissertation paper.
Tomorrow I am covering my first event as a blogger ! Hooray !!!

I have been invited to cover the AFRO MODEL AWARDS 2013 at the  Hilton Metropole hotel in London!!

 Asos dress - Topshop heels - Vintage clutch

I promised myself not to get distracted from my Uni work but that was an invitation I couldn't afford to refuse !

The Afro Model Awards ceremony, is an annual awards event that rewards the contributions of individuals and organisations, both of Afro Caribbean and non Afro Caribbean origins, towards the growth, development and empowerment of; Fashion, Modelling, Creativity, Innovation and Personality.

The awards ceremony will have over 200+ attendees, and there will also be an exhibition section, showcasing the latest fashion and style designs, as well as a live catwalk event and  motivational speeches from fashion and style professionals.

The event  is designed to encourage young and upcoming Models, Designers, Stylist, Beauticians  to focus and be inspired to achieve a successful and realistic career goals, in their chosen fashion and style career.

This year awards ceremony will be hosted by American glamour model Sultry Simone.

The glamorous host
I had never heard of her before and really struggled to find a "decent" picture of her to illustrate the post, to the amusement of my partner who proposed to "help" me find one.

She is a very pretty girl and I let you Google her at will and see what she does ... for a living.

The event was  dedicated to Claudia Aderotimi. 
Claudia was a young Londoner who tragically died of a heart attack after a botched butt injection procedure in the USA.
(Read more about the tragic story here.)

I think it was a nice touch to remember the young girl for her love of fashion while giving the chance to amateur models to strut their stuff in her memory.

Now some pictures .

Some very stylish guests .......

Flora Moke
Carlita Marie

Sultry Simone

Ps: Big thank you to my dear friend Nagiib for keeping me company and of course taking the pictures !

A very stylish friend  ;-)

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  1. Where is my invite.... hmmmm enjoy yourself....we will wait for the pics

    1. Thanks for the comment Womansglory ..

      I was so busy with Uni I forgot to send you a proper invite !

      Next year, we're going together !!

  2. Have fun at the model awards. Yes I have googled her and now I know want you mean :D


    1. Thanks Mira for the comment .
      It was fun indeed and "sultry Simone" was very nice and voluptuous to say the least !!

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  4. Hey Girl,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I have been MIA recently but I am trying to get back on track.

    You got yourself a new follower.

    Keep up with your posts.


    Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl

    1. Hey Ms Nana
      Thanks for passing by and for following.

      taking time of your blog is not that bad, you will come back stronger and even more stylish !
      Looking forward to read your posts !

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  6. congrats! have fun there!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  7. I was there too as press x

    1. I Know !!
      I saw you there Nokhuthula with your cute side bun!
      Still waiting for your blog post on it ! ;-)

  8. Great Post


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