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Absent from one's post but without intent to desert.

Hello to all the Stylish Mums/ bloggers out there.
Yes I know I haven't written a blog post in ages and believe me I have missed it. I am officially addicted to blogging !
However I have been more active on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr.

To explain my absence I have only one excuse: CHILDREN.

Yes , children !  Theses lovely, unpredictable and usually small creatures that  look like you or not and reduces a 24h day to few labour intensive minutes.

I have 2 of these small and lovely creatures !

I have managed to give birth and bring up my two monsters while finishing a degree and keeping my sanity.

Now the holiday has come and I do not enjoy the few hours relief that the childminders could offer me.
I once again have to face them, all day long, by myself ( even if my husband is very hands-on and supportive, there is so much he can do, he's only a man after all ).

I wouldn't (ex)change them for the world but let's face it being a fashion blogger and a mum is not a walk in the park !
I embrace being a mum stretch marks and all.... But my time-management skills are constantly being to the test !!!!
With kids you'e always in for a surprise.

I have lost count of the many outfits I haven't posted as I noticed chocolate spread stain on my shoulder.
Have already try to look stylish and sexy on a shot when sleep deprived ? I tried and  the risk of mismatched socks and annoyed face is too high.

To make it short I blame my children for making me  a lazy and unstylish blogger.
Do I feel guilty about it ? No.  ;-p

They are obviously my priority and their needs pass before looking  hot in the latest printed jeans from Zara ( if my baby-bearing hips can fit!).

That said,
if you're imagining your mommy/fashionsita/blogger life looking like this ......

Let me tell you that  reality is different.

Closer to this ....

So here's are few tips for my fellow  "yummy mummies2 on the blogosphere.
 I do not claim have the perfect recipe for a successful blogging  career.... (especially after reading it all back !) but  I am using this list as a reminder of what worked for me and what I still need to achieve to be a fulfilled  and creative mum with happy and naughty kids !!

1. Write at night
as you might have noticed from most of my outfits pictures they are taken at night when my kids are sleeping or at the childminder, late in the day same for the articles, which is sometimes difficult as you might lose concentration after a long day ..

2. Blog on the go
Use you phone, tablet etc.. to blog, save pictures and ideas to which you can come back later....
I have downloaded the Blogger App on my iPhone and it's very practical to start post during my commute from Uni and not feel like I have wasted a day.

3. Be messy
Sometimes the washing up can wait. as long as the kids are fed, clean and happy you are allowed a few minutes in front of the screen expressing yourself. Happy mummies make happy kids. do not feel guilty to do what YOU really ant to do once in a while rather than what you HAVE  to do.

4. Ask for help
From a (trusted) neighbours, your eldest or your partners, do not be scared to ask for help and support. If you need a couple hours to shop, read a book or do your nails, ASK for it !
Mummies are allowed to be pretty too !

5. Make mistakes
Motherhood is a (enormous) learning curve. Everyday are different. Every children are different. learn from your own mistakes . I am not saying not to take advices from other mums but only you would know what works for you and your kids .....

6.Distract them
Sometimes only distraction can work. With food, fruit juices, or a Disney Dvd be inventive !

7. Ask them to participate
Make it look as a game. they will be intrigued and curious enough to watch you edit your picture and finishing writing an article. ask them their opinions if they are big enough ( brace yourself0 and you might save yourself some precious minutes.

8. Make it simple
Sometimes you would be surprised how much impact a simple but well styled outfit and a smiley face can look. make it short and sweet. Sometimes it's the best. 

9. Know your body
Do not try to squeeze yourself in the latest bodycon dress because it's the must have item ! Is it suitable for you ? Does it fit into YOUR style ? Do not waste the precious minutes you have while your kids are napping trying to wear the wrong type of dress.

10. Plan your outfit
I am always few outfits ahead in my head so as soon as I get few spare minutes I grab what I can.

11. Relax
Do what you can when you can. have a cup of tea. Take a bath. Go for a walk. There is so much more to life than blogging.
And that's the best way to come back refreshed and more inspired !

Please feel free to add any advices or tips you might have. Gosh knows I need guidance and motivation at the moment.
Thank you for reading, I am off to bed !


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