OOTD - My African Wedding season Outfits


Hello My Lovelies ....

I just wanted to quickly  share with some of the outfits I wore few weeks ago a 2 different weddings in London.

The first yellow outfits was made by a tailor in ivory Coast quite a long time ago.
It was a traditional wedding so I went for something a bit more old fashion compared t what I usually wear. But it was nice to feel a bit more grown up. 
And I love the colour !
Apart with traditional African attire I rarely wear so much yellow at once !! 

This is an outfit I designed myself ! I absolutely loved that dress ! the fabric is a very traditional and well know design. I unfortunate don't remember its particular name but will ask my mum and come back to you . ;-)
I added touched of yellow to brighten the whole outfit which could seem a bit heavy with the high collar and pleated sleeve.

What do you think ?

Sorry for the quality of the pictures !
I will wear it again and say a bit more about it so watch this space !!


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  1. Jaime les 2 surtout la 2e que tu as fait. Les touches de jaune rehaussent la couleur de la robe. Vanessa


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