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Hello friends

I have a story to share with you.

I am a self confessed online shopper.
From children clothing to footwear and make up, I buy most of the things I crave and own via the internet.

I know my PayPal password by heart  and cannot contain my excitement when the bell rings and a packet is awaiting me.

It is so convenient for me as it is for millions of very busy young mums these days. 

So the last thing you want is a bad shopping  experience to ruin one of the things you enjoy the most.
I postponed this ranting post for a long time. 

Thinking that I should focus on more positive things on the blog.

 But after all, there's nothing wrong sharing what went wrong with other potential customers. 
It could help such young fashion companies to change their ways and improve their operations.
As a fashion marketing graduate you realize that to be competitive in this day and age, a fashion company should offer more than pretty pictures on their websites ! 

What is their social media strategy ? Do their twitter account offers relevant and regular updates ?
Do they reply to all their Facebook messages ?

And as a fashion consumer, with so many options around both online and in stores you expect to be treated like royalty!  Right ? 

After all, the customer is always right ! Right ?

So what really happened ?

Just horrendous and amateurish customer service !
In a previous post I was detailing the outfits I had planned for my birthday trip back in April. I highly recommended to shop with Virgos Lounge as I literally fell in love with their collection, especially the dresses.
I even shared with my Twitter followers my joy of finally finding something I liked.

In addition with the Alizee dress pictured in the post I also bought 2 others dresses for a total of £157.
I received my package in a timely manner but  had my first disappointment when opening the package. 

The dresses arrived creased in a  plastic bag and not in a box as you could expect   when they sell for an average price of £100.
Some of the dresses I bought were sales items but I do not think they would reserved this disgraceful packaging for sale items only.

After trying them on, 2 of them were unsuitable  fir my body shape and my other half hated the Alizee dress, sending me in a state of desperation. 

Now what ? 
What do you do ? 

Except from crying from frustration when your " perfect holiday outfit" is everything but, you send it back and expect to get  your money back in a respectable delay.

I'm no novice to online and catalogue shopping and on a good year can make 3 to 4 trip to the post office. 
It usually takes 5 to 7 days for most companies to deal with your returns and give your money back. 
The best at dealing with returns and refunds are ASOS, New look and Topshop.

I had to wait a whole month to get my money back from the Virgos Lounge people !!
Ridiculous isn't it !
In the mean time i received no email from them. NOTHING !
I have to say I wasn't expecting such bad customer service form them.

I even shared my disappoint on Twitter, not that they bothered even replying to that.
What is the point in being present on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter if you won't interact with customers and acknowledge customers feedbacks ?
I wonder ! 

I finally received my money back and an apology email after I opened a dispute with Paypal who usually blocks the seller account until the dispute is resolved.

So now I'm a bit confused regarding my future relationship with Virgos Lounge.
I had to refrain myself from looking at their website despite their recent sales !!  HORROR !

What do you usually do after a bad shopping experience on-line or in stores ?
Do you ban the retailers from your shopping list ? Do you forget and forgive and keep shopping ?

I would love to know ! 

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