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Over the next week I'll let you discover on  brands and designers you might already know or not .... through their own words.

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Marianne, owner and designer of the ethnic chic jewellery brand Mouna Nyonhi opens the show of our new concept.
I absolutely love the brand and what it stands for and luckily she kindly accepted to tell us more about it all...
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Hi, could you please introduce yourself to our readers....

Hello, I'm Marianne Etoumbè, ethnic jewellery designer from Cameroon.

How did you get to be creative jewelry?

Just by chance as I am a very manual person. I started to create for myself and people liked my creations. They asked a lot about them so that's how I decided to launch and build my brand.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am particularly inspired by people in general, the way they dress and move and also by fashion trends. My work is primarily aimed at dynamic people who love colours and things that are out of the ordinary.

5 words to describe your creations and your world ....


A typical workday begins ....

By a good meal (laughs)! While working I often forget to eat, so I start with that.

What aspects of your work do you prefer most? The least?

Most is undoubtedly the exchange with customers, knowing what they like in my work and why.
I also love meeting at festivals and exhibitions.

My least favourite part of the job is starting the designs of new collections. It's fun but I'm pretty picky.
I regularly change  ideas and modify designs and it can be exhausting.
My goal is for each of my creations to be unique so I force myself to stick to my initial ideas.

What does fashion really means to you ?

Fashion obviously means a lot to me but I especially like creative people. I follow a lot of blogs and appreciate the fact that fashion is everything but bland and uniform.
You don't have to follow how celebrities dress to look good. Fashion collection uniquely based on a celebrity fashion style are usually short-lived.
Fashion is such a beautiful way to express yourself and reflect one's state of mind.
People say not to judge a book by its cover but I think that you recognise a good book by its cover ! ;-)

Any other passions and hobbies apart from fashion ?

Yes. I love music, home decorating, watching movies and reading books when i have some spare time.
I love food so cooking for my friends and family is also my favourite occupation.

Which celebrity would you love to design for ?

Beyonce would be the BEST !
I also artists such as like Esperanza Spalding, Jill Scott , Solange Knowles ,the last Amy Whinehouse, Cat woman etc...
I would eventually love everyone to wear my designs.

How do you select your fabric and materials ?

I do it in an instinctive way. I don't really follow any rule. I buy accordingly to my needs inspirations and ideas.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years ?

In 5 years I would still be working on  my brand and a greater diversity of product and would also love to collaborate with bigger brands.
I would also love to try different things and different materials such as leather, precious stones etc...

What is the thought process behind each designs ?

It all start in my mind. Sometimes I also draw. I imagine what the piece will look like when worn, how it moves. I started designs for myself so they al need my approval before going for sell. Some designs never made it to the customers because I ended up not liking them enough at the end.

How do you promote your brand ?

I do not really have a promotional agenda. Word of mouth is really important for me. I also give some interviews when I can but I think that the quality of my products speak for me.

Do you plan on collaborating with other designers in the future ?

I would love to do it. For that you need to find someone whose is on the same level as you so i am open to suggestions. I am quite open-minded so do not hesitate to contact me.

What do you think of the recent emergence of African fashion, especially in Europe ?

I say " FINALLY" !! African fashion is so diverse, colourful and rich.
African fabrics can be used in different styles, from trendy to high fashion, it is so versatile.
People are also more and more concern with ecological issues so using African fabrics which are most of the time made by hands is a great option. we should enjoy the fact that it is still available to us and not produced in industrial scale that would make it too impersonal.

Which advice would you give to an aspiring designer ?

Love what you do. Keep your customers in mind. Work hard.
hard work is always rewarded.

Few last words for our readers.....

Smile and enjoy life !

Me wearing the Gorgeous PLASTRON SERENGUETI ...

Vibrant, light, colourful and versatile !!  

To get Mouna Nyhoni wonderful pieces, please visit the brand Facebook page.
You can also contact the designer and place orders by contacting her at

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