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Image 3 of Obey Artist Series Takeover T-Shirt

I love tee-shirt ! They're a great way to put a bit of fun back into a Autumn/Winter outfit.
with the chilly weather we can move away from the cropped, fringed version but still keep the fun element of your outfit.
Here's a small collection of tees you can buy right now for less than £30 !

New Look
Miss Sixty
Image 3 of Mango Cartoon Villain T-Shirt
Image 3 of ASOS Oversized T-Shirt with Stripe Sleeve and Dog Face

How to style them ?
Easy !!
Keep it simple and let the tee do the talking !
Add some leather for shine or a printed skinny jeans for texture and you're good to go !

How do you feel about funny/ novelty tee-shirt ?
How would you wear yours,  I'd love to know !

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