Fall Shopping Updates ....


Fall is one of my favourite season, when its not raining for days on end. It enables me to be versatile, layer and wear more leather than usual. 
For me Fall is all about textures and contrast: shiny against matte, velvet against silk and wool against soft cottons. 

It is also the occasion to wear my favourite colours: Bordeaux and Black! 
This year I will try to incorporate softer shades such as pale pink and off-white.

Here's the few items of shopping I have acquired in the last few weeks.

 I have found myself shopping quite a lot at Primark in the past 3 months despite not setting foot in their stores for the 12 preceding months.
I have notice a slight price increase as well as a better quality cotton and  better designed garments.
It's still cheap and cheerful but like anywhere else you have to pick and choose, be selective and get only what you need.

I have also been on the lookout for nice cut out boots and opted for a very simple leather number from Bershka. I purchased them at the Westfield Stratford branch and cannot seem to find them on their website.

Topshop also have some nice boots you can have a look at.

Cut Out Ankle Boots - Bershka

Leather Sandals - New Look

Wool Bowler Hat - Fluffy pink Jumper - Leather-like Skinnies  - Primark

Block Top - Primark

Vinyl Pencil Skirt - Primark
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE  that Primark skirt and cannot wait to wear it !

What's your favourite fall items ? Favourite colours ?   Don't be shy and share !

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