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Here is the second set of interviews with our favourite designers, creators, stylists, models etc. ...
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Today we talk with Ayjah, owner and designer of the ethnic jewellery brand AYJAHTAL.

What's not to love about her beautiful jewellery, personality and especially her talent.
I love the fact that it uses leather, wax, glass and other natural materials that make her so authentic creations.

Unfortunately the brand will cease to exist next January (I'm really sad about that!) So I hasten you to order from her and enjoy great price and wonderful creations, unique and original .

And not to spoil anything, she is a really nice girl, open to suggestions and ready to answer any questions you might have about her products.
So feel free to contact her and visit her Facebook page.

Could you introduce yourself briefly

Hello, I'm Ayjah for Ayjahtal. 
I am 36 years old.
I left my hometown of Metz aged 19  to discover another world, a new life, the capital which is called Paris.
But above all I am from a double culture, ie of Guadeloupe by my mother and Côte d'Ivoire by my late father. 
This dual wealth that has given me want to do something interesting in my life

How did you become a jewellery designer ?

During my pregnancy in 2001, I developed a kind of keloid on my ears which greatly traumatized me .
I had to have surgery and after the operation , the surgeon stated that I should avoid wearing earrings in the future. that's how the idea of designing came to life.
It was extremely hard for me not to wear them. Seeing jewellery in shop windows without being able to wear them was painful but helped  me focus on being creative.
Then one day, while walking in Paris , I saw a girl with earrings that were a little too big for her little head and then I had this spark.
Why not make my own jewellery line ?
I talked to my husband about me who full supported me in giving it a try.
He encourages me yo use my dual African and Caribbean culture to make things differently.

In 2008 , I launched my brand and my business AyjahTal.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are everywhere and in everything.
Anything can inspire me, the ugly as the beautiful.
I love beautiful things, I love high fashion, fashion shows, art and all that amazes me every time.

I always carry  my little white notebook in my bag  when I travel and use it to empty my head as a release for my creativity.

5 words to describe your creations ....

Original, timeless, afro, chic, feminine.

A typical workday begins with ...

After all this time I still wonder how to begin my typical working day, because I work according to  my desires and my motivation.
I work day and night while trying to be the mother to my 12 years old daughter, an accomplished woman and a good wife.
But broadly speaking, I start the day at 6:30 .
I exercise for 30 minutes on a empty stomach to get me going. Then a breakfast of soya milk and cereal.
I am a vegetarian so I 'm really careful about what I eat ...
I watch the news and then I turn on my pc to see orders , contact with suppliers, and work on my promotion.
At night , I'm working on orders for the next day it can go on delivery.

What aspects of your work do you prefer most? The least?

-The + : I love the feeling of finishing a new creations. it's an exciting time for me, every single time !
Then there are also orders, the more order i receive the better. It makes love my job a lot more every time and get me trying to improve my work.
But what I love above all is to come across a client who has one of my creations in her neck, arms or ears and sits down next to me on the train seat next to mine not knowing that Ayjah is sitting next to her with a smile on her face ! ;-)

-Cons: Very rarely a customer is not satisfy and sent the product back. It is painful but force me to get a better look at my work and always improve it.

What fashion mean to you?

Fashion is freedom of expression. This is be yourself wearing this dress.

Do you have any other passions apart fashion?

Yes, I have other passions. I have always loved sport. I practised intensively boxing, and basketball before becoming a mom. But having had a knee problem, I had to stop.
Today  I run from time to time and do cardio stay in shape.
I read a lot too, between 6-7 books a month, if I get the chance. But it is certain that I read every night.
This is my escape.

Do you have any hidden talent?

I trained pianist (13 years of practice)
When I was younger I use to give lessons to friend for a bit of pocket money. I loved it !

Who would you like to see wearing your collection ?

Honestly, I never thought of that. I do not think about it, at all.
But one thing is sure and certain, famous or not, if the person's behaviour is negative I would not like her to wear my designs even for all the money in the world.

If you had to describe your perfect client ...

The perfect client would be one that comes back to buy my pieces , who does not go and buy from other brands. I all get my motivation from emails from customers to encourage me to do better.
 This client is just perfect in my eyes.
She participates without realizing the evolution of my business.

How you selected your fabrics and materials ?

I select them based on demand or according to my desire .
My family also helps me in my choice. I do not like to expand  the colours range to brighter tones because I absolutely love earthy colours that really inspire me.
But sometimes you have to follow the trend , listen to customer requests.
After all the customer is king .

Where do you see yourself in 5 /10 years?

Only God knows. I live and enjoy the moment. I do not project myself into the future.

How do you  promote your brand?

I do it during the day. It's super exhausting and demanding but has to be done.
Once its done I cannot wait to go to bed.  ;-)

Do you plan to collaborate with other creators, designers ...

I have projects. Sometimes, I have to  refuse because I know beforehand that I would not be able to complete the project till the end. It breaks my heart but you have to be realistic.

In what way would you say your brand evolving?

In a good way of course. My final goal is not even to be too famous but just make woman feel beautiful .
If one wears a creation Ayjahtal and feel good about themselves then I've succeeded.
 After if recognition comes, its a bonus.

What do you think of the recent emergence of African fashion in Europe?

It was time. Everyone has its place in the fashion world.

Any advice for someone who would like to launch a brand ...

We must  not give up because nothing is easy in life. But if the motivation is there that's what counts.
Whatever happens, you should be able to rely on your family , don't rely too much on friends.
However, you should be strong to face the harsh realities of having a business and working for yourself.

Bo's 86Bracelet 15

Love them !!

To know more about that outfit, click HERE!

For more information and to place your order do not hesitate to visit the Facebook page of the brand.
She is also on Twitter and Pinterest.

To order try the site ,  before it is too late!

As I mentioned earlier the brand completely cease its activities between January and February 2014!
  What sad news, but the only good side is that Ayjahtal gives us his latest creations for magical prices with discounts up to 60%!

Thank you for reading and feel free to give your thoughts and leave comments.


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