CHIC or CHEAP - Wedge Ankle Boots


I have been looking for the perfect wedge ankle boots for a few weeks now and I finally found them !

Now the dilemma is that I hesitate between the chicest and the cheapest version.
The Steve Madden are made of 100% leather and suede and look gorgeous ! ( Buy herehere and here.)
I have a thing for leather shoes, they always seem to be a better investment in the long run.

Buy Steve Madden Daaring Ankle Boots Online at
Steve Madden  - £110

The New Look version (Buy Here) is only a quarter of the price and look quite good and shockingly similar.
Whereas I also know from experience with both brands that the New Look version won't fit as well, I am still tempted to save on a few pounds !

New Look - £27,99

I have still haven't decided....
They're waiting in my virtual shopping baskets..

What should I do ?
I know ! Another of my #shoeaddict #shoppingdilemma !! 

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