What's Not To Like - Stradivarius "Afro Style" Collection


Good afternoon my lovelies.
I really hope that have enjoyed the warm weather by staying away from your computer screens for the whole week end ! I know I have until few minutes ago and thats for a good cause.
I discovered the "Afro Style" trend campaign from Spanish retailer Stradivarius and I quite liked it. Enough to share it with you !

I have not yet bought anything from them but it might change really soon.

The pieces are quite affordable and the prints in that collection don't seem too bad. I especially love the fringes necklace (£17.99) and the cut out black tee shirt with the printed puffy skort both ( £19.99). You know me and dark colours !
I really wish the collection had many more pieces and more than one printed dress.

I am not over the moon about it but I was really chuffed that a retailer took the time to research the "afro" print trend.
It also shows that African inspired prints are very much in fashion as it has been for the last 3/4 years. i happy to see it as my of the garments that I own have so kind of African inspiration to them. One great trend that you can rely on and adapt to your taste and needs.

More retailers should dedicate part of their collection to African prints. there is so much more to do with them and looking at what's available it's still far from going further than the geometric, aztec-looking =, vaguely tribal print.
I am not saying that that's what Stradivarius is offering as I haven't seen the pieces closely. 
Much more respect and research should be invested in really delivering original garments with vibrant and authentic prints.
So a mixed review for me but I guess I can be difficult when it comes to ethnic fashion ( whatever that means ;-).

What do you think about it ?
Would you buy any of the pieces here ?

Favorite outfit !!!


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