Style Crush on Ashley Madekwe


Ashley Madekwe is a 32 years old British actress born in London to a Swiss- Nigerian father and a English mother.
She is now based in the US and runs the very successful blog Ring My Bell.

I really admire her sense of style. She's daring, feminine and a little bit of a rock chick which I like.
Sh'es not afraid to try new things, knows what suits her and never disappoint me.

She has amazing skin and gorgeous glossy hair and knows how to make the most of it by keeping he make up to the minimum with flawless simplicity.

I also really appreciate the fact hat despite being in Hollywood she stays close to her London roots and often wear high street pieces especially from Topshop and Asos and wonderfully mixes them with designers items by Celine, Saint Laurent or Balenciaga.

I really admire how she transforms basic key pieces of our wardrobe in amazing and easy to wear outfits.
Now we all know that we need in our wardrobes: leather biker jacket, a good white and black tee shirt, black and white heels and red lipstick !


  I have to be honest, I could wear every outfits I see her in !! She is that amazing !

Which one of those do you like most ?
The yellow jumpsuits and red short suit (just above) have my vote !

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  1. She does look stunning & sexy !!! :-)

    Great post, thanks for sharing


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