Feast Your Ears with .... Kwabs - Pray For Love


Hello my lovelies !
I have been quite busy these few weeks and not in the best of mood for blogging to be honest.

I have moving to a mew country ( Guess which ?) and find myself under a of of pressure and stress. To put it simply I hate moving. The packing ad organizing process is so daunting to me. I actually live among boxes at the moment and couldn't be unhappier !
Even my desktop is a box and the net time I will be using it will be outside the British borders.
Thankfully a friend has lend me a laptop which is very helpful but frustrating as it is veryyyyyy sloooowwww so editing new OOTD could take a while. Thank you to bear with me !

To cut a long story short I am not in the best place right now but it can only get better. New challenges and new adventures await !

I wanted to share with you this song "Pray for love" from Ghanaian-born singer-songwriter Kwabs.  His voice is dark, sweet,powerful and sooooo emotional.
Considering my state of mind right I couldn't help but cry listening to the song and watching the beautiful video illustrating the beautiful and poetic lyrics of the song.

Would love to know what you think about it.

Have a blessed week.

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