HellO !!


At last ! At long last ! My first real blog post ! Woop !Woop!
I am happy, relieved and so excited !

I know you might think: " Another fashion related blog ?? Do I really need another one ?" And to that I respond: Yes you do !! ;-)
And why? "Because I am "one in a million" .... Because I'm clever, witty, spiritual, extremely beautiful and you won't be able to spend another day without one of my posts !

Jokes aside I have finally decided to embrace everything I am ...an artist... a dreamer... a believer... a mother... a learner...... A WOMAN IN PROGRESS

And this blog is part of my living process. Everyday I am teaching myself how to be alive, how to be myself, how to be happy... and I am never more happy  than when I talk, read and write about what I love.

And what do I love? I love eating pistachio ice-cream listening to my kids giggling, wearing my favourite jumper on a rainy day ...

On top of that I also love music, travels,films and food but I also absolutely LUVVVVVVVVVVVV fashion.
I'll share with you my passion for quirky, exotic or just inspiring pieces of clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories from faraway places or from our favourites high street retailers and designers.
Being absolutely shoes obsessed and vintage-clothes possessed you might get a lot of it along the way.

I hope that  my humble vision on things around me will interest and inspire you in some way...

Welcome to  AfroGeniK  
                     and Thank you for reading ...

PS: I apologise in advance for any misspelling or error of syntax or grammar. My first language being French I am doomed to eventually write something that won't make sense to you. Please bear with me.   xx

PS2: Pour mes amis francophones je ferais de mon mieux pour entamer la version française dans quelques semaines ... Comme ça pas de jaloux !!

PEACE, Lorraine.

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