Duaba Serwa - Ghana star


 I am trying to get my hands on one of the Ghanaian fashion label design....By any means ....
Like I always say What's not to like huh ?
Have a look at their “Preciosa“ Spring/ Summer 2013 collection and judge for yourself .

The garments are absolutely GORGEOUS !!!! The garments are sophisticated and modern. The traditional fabrics are ingenuously mixed with brighter colour more classic fabrics and gives the DS designs a edginess and sexyness desperately needed in modern African fashion design !
I also love the choice of the model for their Lookbook. Nicola Sackey is a real beauty !
The shoes are from Mo Saique, another Ghanaian designer  I intend on writing a post about... real soon...

 Playful, feminine, colourful and sexy, the Duaba Serwa collection is a real gem and should feature in every modern and sexy woman, starting with mine.

The Duaba Serwa label is definitely one to follow and has gotten me genuinely excited !

You can discover more about them on their Facebook page.

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