Spring fashion crush on The Dpipertwins


I know we are all praying for warmer temperatures and some sunshine  but not it is still disappointingly cold, windy and grey ! Grrrr when is it gonna end !
I wonder !

I also  have to apologise for the lack outfits posted. I have spent the last week working on my final reports at uni. So didn't have much time and energy left to dress up . ;-(
Also  one of the reason why I am yearning after some warmth. You always find an excuse to dress, go out and enjoy the sun and an ice cream.
I would be my first spring as a blogger and I cannot wait ! But we all have to be a bit more patient !

In the meantime let's all feast our eyes on my new fashion crush !
The Dpiper twins Chantelle and Danielle Dwomoh-Piper are taking the fashion world by storm with their bright, sexy and refreshing collections.

Formally known as Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest, they relaunched earlier this year as the Dpipertwins.
The dynamic identical twins of Ghanaian origins have been  featured in prestigious fashion magazines such as WWD, Daily News, Today's Black Woman Style Report and The New York Daily Newspaper.










Some of their accessories ......


I really like their 2013 lookbook, full of colourful and very wearable pieces. The use of bright, vibrant Ankara fabric is enjoyable and playful, added to sequins and fringes: the perfect combination for a stylish Spring !

Unfortunately couldn't find any way to shop for their items online but here's a link to their website.
For orders and other infos I might try to drop them an email. Let's see what happens ;-)

Find out a bit more about them on TumblrFacebook and Instagram.

Peace !

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