Dresslink.com - Please let me try something new !


A friend of mine referred me to the Dresslink website and I thought I could give it a try.

Dresslink.com is an worldwide online fashion clothing seller based in CHINA.

They offer quite wide variety of womenswear at very affordable prices.
Their products are very trendy and stylish from evening gown to casual wear and accessories.

They offer bloggers the opportunity to choice from their collections and review the quality and fit of their garments I thought, why not !
Always say "Yes, please!" to free clothes and free food. I have been well brought up you know !
And I don't mind cheap and cheerful clothing as long as it fits.

So fingers crosses they will accept my application and send me their vouchers worth between $20 and $100 EVERY MONTH !!

I cannot wait !

They do not offer many of the tribal print I usually go for but I will choose some of their more basic, timeless pieces and style them as I feel.

What do you think ?

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