Taibo Bacar - Beautifully dressing women


“I was born with an eye for fashion, 
I like to make beautiful things for women 
and see them well-dressed” 

Taibo Bacar has since 2008 established himself as one of the stand out designers off his country. The Mozambique born designer is energetic and passionate about fashion and has won numerous awards for his designs and dressed many of Africa most famous women.
His signature style is casual but elegant and "with a touch of glamour” as he describes it himself.

I love how he uses prints in such a classy but still impactful way.
His collection seems really easy to wear and I love the earthy, warm colours contrasted with this dark royal blue. Delightful !

I was also quite curious about the type of fabrics he uses.
 I learnt that it is called  Capulana and is mainly used in Mozambique. 
 , similar to a sarong. A capulana is often worn by women as a sarong, a headscarf or to carry babies on their back.
In different part of Africa it is also called kanga, chitenge, zambia, or kitenge. 

 To this traditional printed Capulana fabric he incorporates  mesh, cotton and silk.
 I am usually not a big fan of embroidery but the way it is used on the collar and hems of the dresses don't bother me at all.
As I like to say, "What's not to like !"

Here's my favourite from his Autumn / Winter 2013 collection. 

I couldn't find a eshop for his collections but you can get more contact details on his website.
Also have look at his Facebook page and follow him and Twitter for more updates !

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