What's Not To Like - Deeper shade of Nude by Louboutin


As you may know by now I LOVE shoes !
As yet I do not own any pieces by Christian Louboutin but I know I will eventually. I will cherish my first Louboutin pair ever more  as I cannot afford it  in my current financial position.
 I'm sure it is on every woman wishlist and certainly high up in mine.

"Les Nudes" collection has come to make your wishlist even longer !

Louboutin latest collection is offering 5 shades of nude, for a wide range of skintone. Finally ! No need to have alabaster skin to wear your own shade of "nude" and elongate your legs in your favourite skirt.
Dark caramel skin ? No problem !

Choosing your next pair of Louboutin will be almost like choose the right shade of foundation form your favourite beauty brand.
5 models of shoes will be  available in the new "Nude " range: Pigalle, Flo, Fifi, Simple Pump and Vendome.

Louboutin nude

"Les Nudes" is a limited edition collection, available exclusively online and in selected Louboutin boutiques where you would get help in choosing the right shoe for your carnation.

The Safki would seem to be the closest fit for me colourwise but I would also have to try the Maya colour, just to make sure !

Which shade would suit you ?

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  1. Finally Lou did something! :) I really like your posts and your blog!! I`m already following you on bloglovin! I hope we can follow each other xx
    Have a nice day :)


    1. Hi Anisimeoku
      I will happily follow you
      thanks for the comment

  2. hey dear nice outfits and blog.... followed you please do follow back... much luv http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks Godisable jacob & Anisimeoku Dago, really appreciate your comments and I will certainly check out your blogs and follow!

      take care

  3. I love the "Les Nude" collection! And like you, I'm patiently waiting on the day that I can afford my own red bottoms!! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)



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