Inspiration: Girly Dashiki


I love Dashikis!  Don't you ?
Despite being traditionally worn by men in West Africa, the garment is making a huge come back  and has become more trendy then ever.
The men only ceremonial and embroidered shirt has left place to more modern printed version. Now dashikis can find in different shapes and forms from dresses to backless tops and even skirts !
Hippie chic or African vixen, you decide how you want to style your dashiki as long as you look fabulous ! 

What's your favorite inspiration ? All love them all !

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8 commentaires

  1. They look nice but idk for some reason i dnt like it, am just the type of person that dislike something thats too hyped or too common, like something everyone has? na i just dislike it, maybe later when its fading then i get it. but i love how they lok and these women are beautiful especially the fros

    1. I completely understand you !
      I am like that with some trends that I refuse to wear when I see it everywhere.

    2. That's a sad misguided self-hating out-of-touch comment. You should stick to Versace, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, etc. things of European culture that most blacks take pride in wearing as if these people give 2 f##ks about us or our culture...

    3. Hummm Anonymous... Thanks for your comment but she is entirely entitled to her own opinion. I dont she she meant that she would rather choose versace garments over anything Arican.
      I guess she meant that some trends can get unattractive when you see them everywhere.
      Thanks for your comment though.


  2. What a great refashion - and as always , wonderful photos too! Thanks for sharing!
    IBESTBUYSELL Dashiki shirt


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